international orientation


We are represented at
seven locations in
Germany, Romania, 
Ireland, USA and Canada. 


"Even though we live in the era of digitization and technical subjects
are the main activity of our business, we should not neglect human contact. Because behind every piece of software there are people: users, consultants and developers."
Paul Kosan (CEO)



Creativity, scope for development, passion and innovation grow where people that work hard and communicate openly meet.



Ametras USA Inc.


Ametras USA Inc. is the sister company of AMETRAS documents which is the IT expert for document management systems (DMS), e-commerce solutions and data acquisition within the AMETRAS group.
One focus is the electronic processing and managing of incoming paper and e-mail invoices, including integrated approval processes and legally compliant archiving.

Founded in 2009, AMETRAS documents currently serves small, medium and large enterprises from different sectors: in Germany, Great Britain, Romania, Hungary and the USA. The goal of every DMS project is to develop and implement the most efficient solution with individual concepts.


Long-term experience and thorough DMS know-how make AMETRAS documents a valued partner. Our customers appreciate also the solution-oriented, reliable and fast support that is available 24/7 for them, if needed. In the integrated interaction with other AMETRAS solutions, they benefit from an IT management from a single source.