Enterprise Content Management

Dynamics Integration


+ Business process orientation
+ Procedure-related transparency 
+ Fast access to information

ecspand has the solutions

Refine your SharePoint

The SharePoint:
Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated search option with server functions that help to improve the effectiveness of an organization and cooperation: comprehensive content management, search on enterprise level, acceleration of the business processes and simple common usage of data and documents beyond department limits for a better understanding of the business work flows.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM):
Enterprise Content Management is the technologies to collect, manage, store, preserve and deliver content and documents to support organizational processes. ECM tools and strategies allow managing all structured and unstructured information and documents of a company.

ecspand is the technologically most suitable product for Microsoft SharePoint and offers in addition to the standard services, products and pre-configured ECM solutions: everything simple, everything complete, everything at a glance, all audit-proof - with the full integration of office tools.

Features and functions

which make your day-to-day work more productive

  • Digitizing 
  • Classifying 
  • Avoiding multiple filing 
  • Fast ability to provide information
Scan & More
  • Comfortable scanning directly into the archive 
  • Scanning of pages and stack scanning 
  • Connectivity from desktop or network scanners 
  • Integrated OCR
Dynamics Integration
  • Business process orientation 
  • Procedure-related transparency 
  • Fast ability to provide information
Working smarter
  • Direct access of stored documents from Dynamics 
  • Summary of all documents in specific processes and files 
  • Unitary MS platform 
  • Integration for Dynamics NAV, AX and CRM. Certified interface
SAP Integration
  • Archiving of documents 
  • Automatic document creation
  • Seamless integration
Optimize processes
  • Users stay in their familiar environment (SAP and SharePoint) 
  • Certified archive link interface 
  • Customizing over SAP standard 
  • Processing outgoing and incoming documents (using a barcode)
Workflow - Business Process Management
  • Optimization of processes and workflows 
  • Creation of informative reports 
  • Increase of the ability to provide information
Better collaboration
  • Easy and everything at a glance 
  • Fast forwarding 
  • Faster response 
  • Using of the existing infrastructure 
  • Based on Windows
Processing incoming invoices
  • Automation 
  • Cost saving
  • Transparency
Good overview
  • Complete process transparency 
  • Minimize the manual steps for invoice processing 
  • High-quality accounting recognition 
  • Connection to ERP
Incoming mail processing
  • Optimize throughput times 
  • Faster flow of information
  • Transparent display
Forward automatically
  • Optimize the inbox, especially in a decentralized distribution 
  • Universal solution for the entire inbox and other document collections 
  • Reduce paper and mail flood 
  • Use the existing document scanners and multifunctonal devices
  • Warnings if the process falters
Quality management
  • Structured representation of the documents (ISO norms) 
  • Meets compliance requirements
  • Uses quality management methodologies (e.g. Six Sigma)
Quality is the best argument
  • Convenient search for QM documents 
  • Support of all functions by multi-stage workflows 
  • Fast deployment on the intranet and on the extranet 
  • Intuitive operation through full Office integration




Easy access from anywhere: the office for your pocket

Through standardized interfaces, simple combinations of any hardware components and software systems (eg ERPs, Ms Office)

Time saving in information acquisition and processing, occupancy costs, cost savings in office equipment and materials are only some of the points that give your company added value.

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