Automated reading of digital
business documents


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Automated reading of digital business documents

Documents of various formats accompany business processes to an increasing extent. So far the classification, the content collection respectively indexing was associated with considerable effort. This was valuable time wasted and the results were not always satisfactory because the human factor played the lead role.

The automation of document collection respectively indexing is of tremendous value for most businesses: consuming manual tasks become as superfluous as the time-consuming forwarding of paper between the various departments.

FormsRec opens up this potential, your entire business process beciomes easier and faster:  

  • Classify documents
  • Read documents
  • Check OCR results
  • Edit values, if necessary
  • Export Data and Images

Features and functions

which make your day-to-day work more productive

FormsRec ICR server
  • Reading of the documents is carried out with multiple OCR engines in voting procedures.
  • The recognition results are thus significantly increased.
  • Any number of different types of forms can be detected 
  • High data quality 
  • Minimization of manual interventions
Technical highlights

For the OCR/ICR recognition a total of 3 products is used:

  • Kadmos of the company Recognition GmbH
  • Tiger of the company Cognitive Enterprises
  • FineReader of the company ABBYY Software House
FormsRec AIDA
  • The ability beyond the mere form reading is extended through this module 
  • Is used for automatic identification of documents 
  • In addition to text recognition, also other criteria such as the structural layout of the document, graphical elements such as logos, text analysis are included
Technical Highlights
  • Works by combining self-learning mechanisms ("Knowledge Base") and self-defined sets of rules ("Regular Expressions") 
  • Uses both text analysis functions ("keyword search"), and analyses on graphic basis for classification
  • Enables the processing of not structured or semi-structured documents.
FormsRec Fuzzy Server
  • Enables a fully automated, fuzzy data synchronization with existing data bases 
  • Collected documents are assigned in a reliable way
Technical Highlights
  • After the matching process, unsafe or incorrect detection results are corrected by information from the fuzzy dat abase
  • Errors are reduced to a minimum, because complex plausibility check is possible
FormsRec Correction (COR)
  • Allows efficient and ergonomic correction of the interpreting results
Technical Highlights
  • The user interface can be freely designed and individually adapted to the needs of the user according to the Windows standard.
FormsRec Application Development Kit
  • Standalone creating form descriptions 
  • Creation of processing interfaces with post porcessing
Technical Highlights
  • The creation and integration of own TCL script for program control 
  • Validation of fields and documents




The system itself can be "trained" and adapted at any time to changing business processes. As flexible as it gets.

Edit documents! All automated - from collection to storing in the ERP system or the archive

For our customers, investments usually pay within six to twelve months.

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