FrontCollect Invoice

Automation of
invoice processing  


Relieve your staff of time-consuming routine work!

FrontCollect Invoice

Reads Invoices right from Installation

So far, the processing of incoming invoices was associated with considerable effort: Invoices enter the company in a variety of formats, they are manually registered, verified and approved by the responsible persons. Valuable time is lost, because invoices pass through several departments. Discounts can not be taken advantage of any more and even duns may be the result.

Therefore the automation of invoice processing is of tremendous value for most businesses: consuming manual tasks become as superfluous as the time-consuming forwarding of paper between the various departments.

Our solution - the invoice reader FrontCollect Invoice - opens up this potential. Your complete invoice processing thus becomes easier and faster: Read invoices, recognize suppliers, link to the order - automatically from collection up to payment.

  • The staff can focus on other important activities
  • The error rate is reduced.
  • Direct editing in the post box/e-mail box

Step by Step

The individual working steps

1. Supplier identification
  • Name, address, fax, bank details etc. are sought on the document
  • The information is compared with the supplier master data in the ERP system 
  • The reconciliation is carried out in the so called "fuzzy server" and is fault tolerant
  • Invoice recognition from installation 
  • No expense for setting up, configuring and programming 
  • Reading from different account types 
  • Traceability of the processing steps 
  • Ergonomic user interfaces
2. Reading the data
  • Invoice number, date or amount are extracted 
  • FrontCollect Invoice uses its "intelligence" - rules and knowledge base (Knowledge Base) 
  • With this set of rules also a previously unknown form of an invoice can be read at once 
  • Finding the information is possible via structure and appearance of values , using keywords and calculation rules 
  • Invoices from a new supplier can immediately be read
  • Easy integration into the SAP R/3 System 
  • Recognizing invoices with and without purchase order reference 
  • Distinction between single- and multi-sided documents 
  • Application of the applicable VAT rates 
  • Processing of different languages ​​and country-specific rules
3. Expansion of the knowledge database
  • FrontCollect Invoice extracts the requested information also from unknown invoice layouts and learns them automatically
  • If the set of rules has not found a certain value, this invoice is forwarded for further processing 
  • The adaptation and maintenance effort for the introduction and during operation is very low
  • Acceleration of processes 
  • Reducing costs 
  • Optimized financial controlling 
  • Additional benefits through punctual payment management




FCI can read invoices and credit notes directly from installation - no setup, no configuration, no programming required.

Interfaces to the most common ERPs: The invoice can also be balanced with the order and goods receipt information and are registered directly.

The manual effort for post-processing and data collection is minimized, the throughput is frequently increased by 200 percent and more.

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