Document Management System


Enterprise Content Management systems are an increasingly indispensable part of modern business management.



Enterprise Content Management

Efficient paperless office

The daily business routine is hardly conceivable without electronic documents. Documents are usually electronically generated from various systems (e-mail, financial accounting, ERP, MS Office) and it is necessary to bring order to this flood of information. This is exactly where the electronic document management becomes effective.

Finding instead of searching!

Do you want to work faster and more efficiently, optimize throughput times and also, as a sideline, increase the satisfaction of your employees and customers?

Whether document management, archiving, workflow or business optimization - a DMS definitely improves your internal processes. Whether digital files, audit-proof archiving in an electronic archive or contract management - we'll show you how this is possible.

AMETRAS documents helps customers to successfully implement document management systems, digital archiving and workflow management with products made by d.velop.

d.3 ECM

d.3 is the central repository of all information and documents in your company. It provides a clear structure of the digital files for a clear, rapid overview. Through digital workflows d.3 sends tasks and information automatically.

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With ecspand we enhance your SharePoint. In the control of processes and workflows ecspand provides a simple and user-friendly operation, cost and time savings, and full integration with your existing systems.


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