Manual Data Collection


Outsourcing this activity gives you financial space and more time that can be used for core competencies and strategic direction for your company.

Processing and professional data collection 


We stand for sophisticated and high-quality processing that requires decision-making expertise, as well as for supplementary data collection. Whether you want to collect invoices, order confirmations, purchase orders or other documents with us, we guarantee the highest quality of data by our trained staff. We are guided by the highest standards in the field of process optimization and quality management - and by your individual needs and technical requirements.

Our employees are continuously trained according to a specially developed methodology in order to provide process-optimized processing - and to make decisions according to the parameters that you have defined.


Fluctuations in volume of documents lead to long processing times and deadline overruns. Through the permanent optimization of our working processes we are able to offer your company conditions and volumes that are leading to a significant increase in your productivity and profitability in the administrative area - at fixed dates and at consistently high quality of work.

You reduce your fixed costs and benefit from competition on the free market - without any risk, because Ametras calculates on the basis of unit costs. We assume the retention of staff. The precise predictability of your effort enables efficient processing of routine volume and spikes in utilization - because Ametras adapts flexibly to your needs.




One of the essential modules for the success is the active support of the customer in the project communications. The common deep understanding of communication structures and data content is often decisive for the choice of the correct procedure.

Enjoy more financial freedom by reducing your fixed costs. Ametras calculates on the basis of unit costs and you only have to pay for the service delivered.

Our employees are intensively trained to meet your needs. They have an excellent education and many years of experience.

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